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My Flickr

My Flickr


   My Flickr is a Facebook & Flickr API based web widget/application used to display one's Flickr photos on their Facebook.

Late May this year 2007, Facebook opened their site up to 3rd-party developers. I was fairly familiar with Flickr's API with phpFlickr and took it up as a little solo side project to create a widget that would help people display small versions of their Flickr photos on Facebook with links to larger ones. It was an attempt to expose the Facebook community to Flickr.

Those familiar with Flickr (tagging, privacy, etc.) will feel comfortable using My Flickr. My Flickr allows users to submit many criteria options allowing My Flickr to filter only the exact photos that the user would like others to see. Users can choose to display their photos in several different layouts, all within the bounds of Facebook's layout restrictions.

Thanks to the ~330K+ awesome users, this project can remain possible. As the number of users increase, performance and scalability issues begin to become more and more apparent. I have been researching several MySQL optimization techniques, memory caching, and possible load balancing.

Many more features have been brewing in my head. Additionally, I have an idea for another type of Flickr/Facebook integration.

Features Used:
  • Cron Jobs
  • CSS
  • Facebook API
  • Flickr API
  • PHP/MySQL Integration