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My del.icio.us

My del.icio.us


   My del.icio.us is a Facebook API based & del.icio.us JSON based web widget/application used to display one's social del.icio.us bookmarks on their Facebook profile.

December 26th 2007, I decided to do a little work with either JSON or XML (RSS) parsing. I found that Facebook needed a del.icio.us application that could support Facebook pages. I wipped one up that uses cURL to request a user's JSON public bookmarks feed, parses it, and updates a users profile every 30 minutes if something is new. A MD5 hash of the latest bookmark is kept associated with the user to check if any updates have occurred.

I had tried to use the del.icio.us API wrapped in PHP class, but it would have been risky storing user information such as passwords. The del.icio.us API requires an HTTPS connection that is started by passing it a valid username and password combination. The password must be the password not encrypted or MD5 hashed or anything which caused me great concern to the storage of a user's password in a manner that can be decrypted.

Features Used:
  • Cron Jobs
  • CSS
  • cURL
  • Facebook API
  • PHP/MySQL Integration